Whitehack AP: Seclusiopolis Delve

I sent Daniel a few ideas and he liked this one best. So, I sent him to my Delver’s Guild pinterest board and asked him to pick out his 4 person posse and pick his favorite of his quartet as his character; I’d play the rest. I’ve done this before and like it as a way to both get players on the same page and it allowed them character ideas out quickly.

Rowan the Mystic

Chava, delver from unknown lands

Usha, urchin turned warrior

Ammon The Unseen, a Wise mystic

We each rolled up 4 blocks of stats rolled 3d6 and attributed that to the picture it fit best. We assigned one group for each character but left one group blank. It was slowing us down and I’m fine with Daniel assigning that once the world is fleshed out a little bit more. Chava ended up being a burglar, so I wrote that down as a group.

Rather than have them buy equipment, I just gave them stuff based on their picture, which moved things along more quickly.

I had made up a seclusium using the book. in the future, I’m going to take that method and blend it with an older set of tables for making monsters in Marsui. I used a map of the main branch of NYPL, using a building I knew made it easier to guide Daniel through it without too much prep.

I made a tiny, simple random encounter table, mostly using it to set context, letting me know where folks had settled.

In the building was:

  1. Servant
  2. Apprentice
  3. Manticore – friendly
  4. Manticore – vicious
  5. Gelatinous Cube
  6. Ethereal Creeper

They first ran into the friendly manticore and Daniel stayed the party’s hands, talking to it first. In the end, that manticore went home with them and the vicious manticore remained locked in seclusium.

There was a shoot-out but the only real injury was from a missed dex roll down a flight of blood-spattered marble stairs during the fight. The vicious manticore missed its one shot and then they locked it in the map room. Throughout their remaining time, I’d roll and see if the vicious manticore had gotten out but it never did.

The wizard’s apprentice was running a small gang out of the basement, participating in the city-wide gang-wars.

They never found the wizard, which is interesting. I didn’t think about what the municipal forces would do if the party loots and leaves things behind.

White Hack was neat; I’m interested in trying out the bidding mechanic for conflicts and I’m going to have to futz with the XP somehow.

All in all, a fine day of gaming and I’m looking forward to more.


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