Seclusiopolis: Delving Posses

Folks form up, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes family bonds. Sometimes neighborhoods bring delving posses together and other time it is a shared culture from the old country. Some species form together but few, if any, are too strict about it; it doesn’t pay to be strict about such things in the city.


The Copper Street Kids

Made up of kids from various back-alley gangs out of a few local tenement buildings (The Gold, Silver and Plat – as the buildings are formally named), whose community organizations got together and put a posse through the Guild. Now they have their own delving party.

Anny-Lynn and Hiro are the leaders of the troop. Folk put money on which will die first or if they will marry or if one will passion-kill when someone comes courting on the other.

They always have plenty of Hirelings and torchbearers to rent if your rep is tight. The journeymen almost never hire out with other groups but a few in the shadow of Hiro and Anny might be coerced if the gig was right.



This posse sees delving as a holy rite, a passage into the underworld, replaying a myth and remaking it in their own images. They are known for being good with lore but often bad with common sense. Their high priest never goes in with them, always stays out with the loot wagon in case anyone needs healing on the way out. There is a rumor he brought one back from the dead once.

They take jobs and hire out but only according to their own bass-ackwards myth-logic.

Daidoji Clan

Rokugani boys with light armor and short spears. They bring with them the training and professionalism of a warrior caste but most of them have shed any pretenses that would lead one to look down their nose at anyone. Most, anyway.

If you earn their trust they will make deals with you and hire out but a hireling must always be accompanied by a journeyman after losing a younger sibling due to an incompetence delver splitting up the party. Their eldest is on the verge of becoming a Master Delver.


Holy Anvil Mining Company

Financially backed by a Dwarven mining company, this company is made up of 13 steadfast dwarves. Known for being well equipped and armed to the teeth, they are sought after for out-fitting and architectural consulting.

They will hire out but know that if you take on one of their hirelings, the little bearded shit will try to lead your posse from the rear and will question any decision they see as unwise.

The 3

They are 3 masters who worked their way up from hirelings to masters, all with city delves. It will cost you half of your take and 500 GP just to consult with them before going into a delve. If you want one of them to go in with you, you’d better have a sterling rep, gold up front, a willingness to give up a shocking percentage of your haul and a delve with a sexy hook.

Why bother telling you their names? Kids playing on the street pretend to be them. Everyone knows their fucking names.


When we get talking about posses, everyone wants to start talking about ‘prentice gangs and dungeon ravens and tunnel maggots and the rest of the carrion that have erupted from this eco-system now that the wizards have all gone into seclusion but they are in a different category, not to be discussed along with proper professional delvers, sworn brothers and sisters of the guild.

If you have heard of any posses that are up and coming or full on legendary, please post what you know of them in the comments along with any guidance you can think of about how to hire them on.


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