Hatching of a Dragon Prince

Me: This blog post from Goblin Punch is pretty cool.

Storn A. Cook: Very cool.  Now I want to play a dragon prince barbarian who somehow has the wool lifted from his eyes and is now out in the wider world trying to reconcile that his master and god is nothing but a manipulative, oppressive, 3 tons of acid spitting (thinking black dragon, why not?) Machiavellian brilliance.  I love me a fish out of water story.

…with daddy issues.

Me: I see this dragon-prince drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Storn: Fuck that.  I see this dragon-prince drawn by me!  (Although, BWS is a huge influence on me and I would love to see that too….)

Me: I see you shoveling art awards into a truck with a shovel, explaining that Barry Windsor-Smith was a huge influence for your Dragon-Prince.

Also, I love the dragon’s hatred of walls and castles, anything that can keep its breath out.

I see the tribes as believing that walls and castles are hubris, a way fools feel safe to be sinful and weak, thinking that god can’t see them.
They point to the melted walls on the planes and the stone slag heap that was once a fortress. “We call that Hubris and send our young warriors into it when they have to learn the dangers of sin.”
“Written words are just walls for the mind. You cannot hide behind them either.”

Storn: ​Agreed, awesome sauce stuff.  The whole justification of the culture has really far reaching roots.

Alright, at my lunch hour, had to sketch up my dragon barbarian prince idea.  I was definitely thinking of the genetic modifications coming down the generations by the almighty Dragon God.  So, he has some draconian features… but not as much D&D’s Dragonborn.

Dragon Barbarian Prince 72

Me: THAT’s the Storn I know and love!

Great work. I was wondering if you were going to do this and you did.


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