Houndstooth is born in cunning, blood and luck.

We could talk about how the players made it through the Tomb of Ulfheonar with a magical spear and shield and got ambushed by the Jarl’s huntsmen and how they left several good people in that tomb but that was last adventure. Death did not cast her raven’s wings over any character sheets this session.

We could talk about how the players slipped a ghoul cobra into the Jarl’s Great Hall and it turned him, hiding in his guts. How they turned the common-folk against him and got his thegns and house-guard to abandon him with fast talking and Luck. How they killed him as two thieves cut him to pieces as he left his bedroom.

FullSheet (1).jpg

Custom DCCRPG Character Sheet by Sam Mameli

But no, this is about the players binding the damned Hound of Hirot, a chaos hound born of a murky swamp pool steeped in chaos radiation. They bound it with a dead man’s hair woven into a rope by Groat’s witch-wife. and then Jossie knifed it. Nat. 20.

In DCCRPG, thieves always get a crit against a bound opponent, so we reckoned a thief who rolled 20 got another crit on top of that.

Jossie Draden Reed did over 30 points of damage to the hound that had already been damaged by Inez the Dwarf’s shield bash. Jossie is a nonchalant killer.

Jossie, you have dreams about your knife. It demands a name. It has become something more than the sum of its parts in your skilled hands and it is grateful to you.

It has killed a creature of chaos, The Hound of Hirot, and it wishes to kill such a creature again.

She named the dagger, Houndstooth.

Stylish as fuck.

Why is the nat 20 crit so very satisfying? After over 20 years of gaming and it is still such a fun way to end a hated enemy.


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