Fate’s Fell Hand and Epilogue #DCCRPG

In which we begin *Fate’s Fell Hand

Spoilers for those who would like to play the module later. +Rachel E.S. Walton, +Eric Duncan and +Renee Knipe are welcome to read it.

Rest in Peace
Llaras the Elf, killed by Captain Kaschei in the manor’s throneroom, after throwing sorcerous fire at him and thus earning the knight’s ire.

Kaschei in the Throneroom
The PC’s found the population of the odd valley preparing to play Hunt the Stag. The watched in confused horror as a young soldier was given a hat with stag’s horns and sent running while Kaschei chugged a wineskin. When the wineskin was firmly chugged, the soldiers, the ladies-in-waiting and their matron ran from the throneroom to hunt the stag, leaving the knight alone.

When Inez told the forelorn knight that his spear was magic and could probably kill him, the knight attacked, taunting everyone and taking it as a game. Until Llaras threw around magical fire, then Kaschei concentrated his attacks on the elf until the elf was dead, allowing the rest of the group to gang up and kill the knight.

Llaras had an odd spell side-effect where he fell unconscious and dreamed of warring gods but since he was in this strange pocket dimension floating in the phlogiston, he instead dreamed of the wizardly feud after a demon-summoning that caused this valley to fall off of the Prime Material Plane. Alas, the elf never awoke to tell his comrades his vision.

Ladies’ Tower
The ladies in Waiting skulked by, with the stag’s head in their hands, giggling and flushed from the hunt. The posse had found the secret door under the rug and realized that the ladies’ keys were important.

Alright, time to come clean. I forgot to describe the keys, so I had them all make DC 5 Int checks and said that if they made them, they noticed the keys that aligned with the lock mechanism in the floor-plate.

They asked for the keys but didn’t get them. Inez got a very snooty response to her asking for them. So, they all watched their jester’s shadow puppetry. He was telling a lewd story of an elf getting killed by a knight with lots of dick jokes. He was clearly mocking the death of their recently deceased friend.

Jossi stole the keys off of their necks and then rolled a 20 to get the matron’s necklace, thus no one noticed she even did it.

They went down into the secret door and that is where we ended it for the night.

elf emperor


“Lord of the Stars and Master of 10,000 Slaves, we are sorry to interrupt your meditations but we must tell you that Llaras is dead. According to our seers, he died somewhere in the phlogiston.”

The Emperor of the Elves looks bored at the news. “Have his belongings doled out as my secretaries deem fit. He had that one piece of property called Groat who had destiny and possible greatness in his threads. Bring that one to me.”

“Emperor, I’m sorry but we can’t.”

The Emperor looks confused. “Can’t?”

“The slave is under the protection of the Chaos Titan. Our magics will not bring him back to your Solar Throne as is custom.”

“Send Llaras’ sisters to bring their brother’s property to me. I want it. Groat and all of his possible destinies are my property.”

His servants leave quickly, bowing on their way out and send missives with the Emperor’s Sun Seal.

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