Burning Saturday: Iron Gods and True Swords

Played 2 games of Burning Wheel this Saturday.

Welcome to Unity Prison was the second session of our Iron Gods-inspired science-fantasy campaign. The first game got the players in prison and so we started the second session in the mix.

Iron Gods Pinterest



Death and Taxes is the umpteenth game of the Traditions of the Swordlords campaign. The players just collected the first year of taxes and made their Ducal Lifestyle Resource roll. The sorcerer summoned the dead. Good times.

What? The game inspired ill-advised short-story writing? Yes, yes, it did.

Swordlords Pinterest

Drew asked if the games were taking place in the same world, which is an excellent question. The True Swords from the Swordlords campaign are right out of Numeria and are clearly inhabited by networked, AI haunted swords. I don’t want the campaigns to get so entangled that it becomes messy or gets in the way of gaming. For now, yes, they are happening in the same world, though perhaps not at the same time.

Above image of a spinning wheel (get it? huh, get it?!?) from the NYPL Images Collection


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