Elsa and Dark Phoenix

elsa gif

A friend posted an adorable video of his daughter singing Let it Go and it reminded me that I wanted to write this since I saw Frozen. When I saw the iconic scene it immediately reminded me of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

dark phoenix

Elsa subverts a common trope in super-powered young ladies: young girl gets power, can’t handle it and you know where this is going:

dark willow

Hell, Zander even refers to the Dark Phoenix Saga during the Dark Willow Season 6 arc in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Elsa is an antidote to Dark Phoenix. She let’s teaches little girls that power is dangerous but dammit, with sisterly love and support, they can marshal their ice powers, Cosmic Phoenix Force entity and/or witchcraft and control it. Elsa’s narrative allows her to be a powerful young lady.

One thought on “Elsa and Dark Phoenix

  1. Seanan McGuire talked about how important Frozen is — how important it is to girls, to children with special needs, how it’s about people saving people, how she’s not the only one who, due to bad shit that happened to her, was convinced, like Elsa, that if her control slipped, she’d hurt someone badly.

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