The Goldwine Wall, a digital craft project

I made a map of the Goldwine Wall, the name of a series of castles and fortifications along the river of the same name in the Burning Wheel game I’m playing with my buddy, Aaron.

I made it from a manuscript by Gregorio Dati (1362-1436) found in NYPL’s Digital Collection.


The Goldwine River for Fenwatch final

Blank spaces have been left for campaign notes.

Most of the names are from this online Old English Dictionary.


This map was begun in Microsoft Paint and finished with the bulk of the work done with Pixlr.

This post was not made as a representative of the New York Public Library.

3 thoughts on “The Goldwine Wall, a digital craft project

  1. I have enjoyed these entries into your Burning Wheel campaign. I am looking forward to more updates. Is it possible for you to provide files somewhere, so that some of these maps and such could be used in other campaigns?

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