Cherry-picking RPG-a-day 2016



6th Most amazing thing a game group has done for its community.

I have always wanted to make a PDF zine from the material we make for a weekly game and give the money to a good cause. This question inspires me to revisit that idea. I love the idea that our imaginations can take concrete measures to make the world a better place.

7th What aspect of RPG’s has had the biggest effect on you.

It inspires me to continue day-dreaming and taught me how vital day-dreaming is to my survival. It also taught me small-group dynamics and professional speaking skills that I use every day of my life.

13th What makes a successful campaign?

It is an alchemy of system mixing with friendship and visiting another world in a way that our adult schedules allow.

15th Your best source of inspiration for RPG’s?

The players, the players, the players.

Talking about the world with Janaki is great too. If GM’s want to get better at their craft they should enter into close relationships with dazzling anthropologists.

18th What innovation could RPG’s benefit most from?

Better online gaming is going to help RPG’s tremendously going forward. Twitch-gaming fascinates me at the moment.

19th Best way to learn a new game?

Read it, then play it, then re-read it, then play it some more, then talk about it, then play even more.

Short answer: Play in an environment where making mistakes is okay.

23rd Share one of your best ‘Worst Luck’ stories…

We played 2nd edition AD&D with this bad house rule for fumbles. At our table, when you fumbled, you rolled a 1d6: 1-2 drop weapon, 3-4 hit friend, 5-6 hit self. Then, according to this house rule, you rolled again if you hit friend/self to see if you hit them. What this did is it dragged the pain of a miss out into 2 or 3 more dice rolls.

A player fumbled with their vorpal soul-sucking sword. You see where this is going, right?. Then they rolled a 6. Then rolled a 20. Their character cut off their own head and their soul went into the sword.

This led to a cool adventure where the players went into the world contained in the soul-sucking vorpal sword to get their comrade’s soul back but it was a rough night of gaming.

25th What makes for a good character?

A good character inspires the player, the GM, the other players to make interesting decisions and say amazing things. They are tied to but also at chaffing against some aspects of the setting. They are also tied to but chaffing against the other characters.

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