Godbound: The Candlelord, a Parasite God inspired by Timofey Stepanov

Inspired by this amazing picture by Timofey Stepanov.

The Candlelord

AC: 2

Hit Dice: 20

Attack: +10 x 2 attacks

Damage: 1d12 straight

Morale: 10

Move: 10 foot in bright light /100 foot in flickering candlelight

Save: 6+

Effort: 10

The Candlelord is a vicious parasite god with a cult among the well-to-do of the Bright Republic. He lives in the abandoned vaults beneath the republic’s capital city where the wealthy cult members conduct dark rituals by its candle-light near the tombs of the senator-saints. It is said that the candles on his back represent suns he has eaten through long lost power before he came across the Night Roads and was stranded here.

The Candlelord can scry through any candles lit within a mile of his vaults.

The Candlelord’s higher ranked cultists can throw 1d6 damage in fire attacks if their shoulder-candles are lit and they are within a mile of their lord. When the fiery cultists are killed their heart, eyes and genitals burn like candles for 24 hours.

The Candlelord can choose from the Sun and Fire gifts based on which rituals the cult has performed recently and always has Road of Shadows as long as one candle is lit in its vault.

If you snuff out any of the Candlelord’s candles on its back, make a Spirit save as you feel the extinguishing of an ancient sun. Failure = 1d10 damage. Success is just a feeling of intense dread and perhaps a detail from a dead sun ‘s world to put as one of your Facts when you next level up. If you are ever on the Night Roads, you will be able to navigate your way to that cold, dead world without any rolls, as if you’d been there many times before.

The Flickering Suns Cult

Conflict: Performing a dangerous magic rite

High Priest

  • Power Source: Has access to great wealth personally

Keeper of the relics

  • Power Source: Controls vital relics of the faith

Popular preacher

  • Power Source: Recruits the new cultists and finds sacrifices

Consequences of its Destruction: A dangerous cult will fill the void

Temple Defenses: See Candlelord, above

Minor Actors:

  • 2 Temple Spies (from S.R.D. or other law enforcement? Are they turned?)
  • Naive monk
  • Grubby Cult Serf

Dyson Logos map might be needed.

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