SWN Job Postings and first session AP


Linking up nonconventional skill-sets with folks desperate to hire mercenaries since 2765.

Star Rider

ASSET RECOVERY posted by Melite Exchange

Frigate is in need of repo. More details upon uploading and verification of credentials. Ship’s last reliable signal picked up in the Mante Wheel.

Payment is 10% of recovered assets as assessed by Melite Consular.

Star Rider


5,000 creds plus 1,000 for each of his grunts you bring.

Double if they are taken alive and brought in for trial.

Kaprianou has a right to maintain TL 1. A retired Heaven’s Chosen Naval Marine has landed with his thugs and has claimed an area as his country, under his warlordship.

The Mante Wheel does not recognize his claim to governance and wants him dead. We’d prefer professionals land on the planet and deal with this problem face to face rather than orbital bombardment or a larger scale military engagement.

Only serious mercenaries need apply.

Star Rider

Good ole fashioned Jurre claim jumping.

I’ve got the ship and the skills, you just need to jump out, put a pistol in some professor’s face and take their shit before the planet eats the whole damned camp.

I was born in this forsaken puzzle-box and know my shit. Let’s earn some creds. 70% is my take and the rest is all yours.

Star Rider


Wandering Kaprianner needs escort down to surface of Jurre. Site is scoped and ready. Must be in-system as time is of the essence.

Your responsibility will be the descent from low orbit to surface, seeing to perimeter safety against claim jumpers and speedy evac in case of quake.

One week’s work, 10,000 creds.

Star Rider

First game – after technical difficulties and bio breaks, probably about an hour of play but it was a fun hour.

Arkady Oshiro [Psychic, lvl 1] a.k.a. “Roy” and Deiter Cohagen [Expert, lvl 1] a.k.a. “Also Roy” a.k.a. “I’m not good at this part.” a.k.a. “No just Deiter, Deiter Cohagen.” arrived on Fatima Station on January 1st, 3200 and took the claim jump job.

They met up with their employer, author of the job-ad, Hyun Ja, able pilot of the Mother Goose. Having piloted drop-ships back in the day when the Lalita Navy had legit space marines, she  picked up on that fact that kicking down doors wasn’t the strong suit. “I wish we had a psychopath,” Deiter said, sighing.

She played to their strengths and offered her string of data, pirated from evac beacons the diggers, scientists and treasure hunters on Jurre’s surface use to get off site in a hurry when the local arcane and alien geology conspires to kill them. Deiter crunched said data with Roy’s help [Science roll, 10!] and found two solid candidates for jumping.

One was an Oritheen camp, guarded by heavily armed soldiers, probably some psychics among them. Everything they’ve been digging up has gone straight back to Orithya and the planetary government has been paying heavy tariffs on whatever it is but it hasn’t ever hit the open market.

The other candidate for jumping was a trio of convicts fresh out of Stavrakis, in for piracy, piracy and murder. They dug up enough salvage on the prison planet to earn their freedom and were trying their hand at digging for their own gain.

Deiter looked the choices over and wished the claims were close by so they could be played against one another. But on a planet with the land mass of Jurre, what were the odds of that? [successful luck save]

The duo approached the convicts and convinced them [Persuade, 9] to team up to take down the Oritheen camp, which as luck would have it was right over a nearby ridge. They had a plan and were approaching the camp to execute said plan.

We’ll find out how that goes next time.

RAZORnet! Bringing people together!

[XP earned = 0]

Image taken from page 27 of ‘Messia. [A translation of Pope’s “Messiah” into Latin, written as a College exercise.]’ by The British Library
Via Flickr:
Image taken from: Title: “Messia. [A translation of Pope’s “Messiah” into Latin, written as a College exercise.]”, “Translations, Prefaces, etc” Author: JOHNSON, Samuel – LL.D Shelfmark: “British Library HMNTS 11601.g.16.” Page: 27 Issuance: monographic Identifier: 001887440 Explore: Find this item in the British Library catalogue, ‘Explore’. Download the PDF for this book (volume: 0) Image found on book scan 27 (NB not necessarily a page number) Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json) Click here to see all the illustrations in this book.

*RAZORnet was created by Jon Harper and is used here with his kind  permission.

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