RAZORnet: Sector Hades Zeta – Polymele Frontier Job Postings


Linking up nonconventional skill-sets with folks desperate to hire mercenaries since 2765.

Star Rider

Gun Running

The merchant princes of Alcestis need weapons. Be an instrument of the Free Market and bring them what they need to bring their vision of glory to their fair planet. Run our products, everything from sharp sticks to gravity sheering pretech rifles.

Star Rider


Bring samples back from the forbidden planet. We’re looking for information and science. Serious inquiries only, experience in planetary evac, blockade running or high stress combat drops a plus.

Star Rider

Stop Indenture!

We are indentured servants who had nothing to do with our planet’s aggression towards the Exchange. We have saved up some money and need to be rescued from the bastards who claim to own us, taken off planet and have our implants taken out quickly, before Exchange Agents can find us.

Please help us.

Star Rider

Miner’s Guild Seeks Bodyguards

We know that some mercenaries have landed on Ipuza, looking to strike fear into the hearts of guild leadership. Looking to hire some hard-headed bastards to do some proactive bodyguard work, finding the problems before they become problems.

Star Rider


Image taken from page 27 of ‘Messia. [A translation of Pope’s “Messiah” into Latin, written as a College exercise.]’ by The British Library
Via Flickr:
Image taken from: Title: “Messia. [A translation of Pope’s “Messiah” into Latin, written as a College exercise.]”, “Translations, Prefaces, etc” Author: JOHNSON, Samuel – LL.D Shelfmark: “British Library HMNTS 11601.g.16.” Page: 27 Issuance: monographic Identifier: 001887440 Explore: Find this item in the British Library catalogue, ‘Explore’. Download the PDF for this book (volume: 0) Image found on book scan 27 (NB not necessarily a page number) Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json) Click here to see all the illustrations in this book.

*RAZORnet was created by Jon Harper and is used here with his kind  permission.

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