Bad Gig, Good Gig – SWN Session 2

2 hours of online play, Stars Without Number, via Google + Hangouts using the Roll20 App with old friends, Jason and Pete.

Claim Jumping Problem

We have to start asking hard questions about the bandits who steal from the adventurous scholars we send out every day from our station. EVAC dropship pilots are our folk heroes but the hard fact is that someone is taking bandits from low orbit down into the Puzzle Surface…

Acess Full Data Download via Jurre Station Opinions

We started the game with a reminder of what was going on when we last ended, went over the plan to claim jump a group of trained Orithyan soldier-cops and at least one psychic leading the expedition.

One failed stealth check sent the gig side-ways.

In the end, Arkady’s fast thinking got him an artifact that he leveraged towards saving Deiter’s life. They got out with their hearts still pumping and a few go-bags from one group’s camp, who ended up dead from the botched attempt.

But they got out with surveying data from the dead spelunkers and with a successful science roll and some good digging before Jurre’s surface shifted, they found a crystal tetrahedron and sold that sucker, pulling in a little over 17K after paying for their share of fuel and the dropship pilot’s considerable cut.

The Orithyan psychic, Kazu, wants them to do some work for him but Arkady is not into it.




RAZORnet is a job board for mercenaries and ne’er-do-wells and it is well past time data-sec blocked the site from our public terminals. RAZORnet publishes job postings for murder, thievery and terrorism and our own station’s claim jumping problem can be traced directly to…

Acess Full Data Download via Jurre Station Opinions

Arkady and Dieter then did a few things between missions that I loved, loved, loved.

Arkady suggested they form a LLC and name it Astral Dragon LLC, after the mythical being Deiter believes exists out in the warp-space that is accessed when the spike-drive allows ships to bend space. It was a real, “I’m-playing-but-I’m-also-a-GM moment.”

They also are considering putting out an ad for some muscle on RAZORnet.* I love, love that they are accessing the site as employers.

With a successful Culture: Traveler roll, Deiter contacted a computer expert he knows. He wants Prez to falsify their DNA imprint so they won’t be so easily traced once they get the data packet for taking the gig offer from the Melite Exchange, the sector’s premiere banking cartel. Prez has a crush on Deiter but he’s a kid who only has eyes for science.


Stationed Sponsored EVAC

It is past time our station’s administration, funded by the Mante Wheel Coalition and governments and interests from all corners of our sector, took responsibility for our xenoarchological spelunkers who brave the puzzle-shifts and funded fully trained and bonded drop-ship crews just like other orbitals have EMT’s and…

Acess Full Data Download via Jurre Station Opinions

Other bits I liked:

Deiter watching a geological shift from the station and seeing the scientists start to drink and geek out and offer theories while mountain rangers disappeared and the planet’s surfaced shifted as the tetrahedrons and dodecahedrons reconfigured. “Arkady, we need to get out of here because trying to figure out what is going on here is a deep, dark hole that I might never get out of…”

Arkady leveraging the Japanese side of the Orithyan cultural blend (Russian/Japanese) to make contact with the camp and start to gain their trust. Also, his explanation of how the have and have-nots on the planet was neat and gave me some realizations about this game and the pre-loading.

Yes, the factions/planets/systems are pre-loaded and I’ve done hours of work in the prep but I still have to leave space for the players to create and move with it and let the details be filled in by play rather than by lonely fun (which I’ve found to be really and sincerely fun).


Artifact Removal

No pattern can be ascertained concerning the geological shifts of Jurre’s tertrahedral and dodecahedral surface because we have changed the board. The moment we removed any pieces from Jurre, the pattern’s completion became unobtainable and thus Jurre’s true purpose will forever be…

Acess Full Data Download via Jurre Station Opinions

They are looking into signing up for a spaceship repo job in Deiter’s home system, which is plagued by comet swarms. It’ll be neat to see Deiter’s family.

Also, Kazu the Orithyan telepath with a Fibnoacci spiral tattoed on his jaw, has invited them to dinner after seeing them operate during their botched claim jump (which they claimed was all the other folks’ idea).

My Jurre prep was really helpful, allowing me to know when the geological shift was coming and generate xeno-archeological artifacts quickly via well built random tables.




RAZORnet was created by Jon Harper and is used here with his kind  permission.

Art made from:

Image taken from page 208 of ‘The Death Shot. A romance of forest and prairie, etc’
Image taken from:
Title: “The Death Shot. A romance of forest and prairie, etc”
Author: Reid, Mayne
Shelfmark: “British Library HMNTS”
Volume: 02/Page: 208/Place of Publishing: London/Date of Publishing: 1873/Issuance: monographic/Identifier: 003065769
Find this item in the British Library catalogue, ‘Explore’.
Download the PDF for this book (volume: 02) Image found on book scan 208 (NB not necessarily a page number)
Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json)
Click here to see all the illustrations in this book and click here to browse other illustrations published in books in the same year.
Order a higher quality version from here.


Rare Book Division, The New York Public Library. “Motvs . noue . spere . et . trepvdacionis . octave . spere . 1514” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1514.

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