Reading, Planning and Writing: Finishing up Ancillary Series

Reading: Like it says on the tin, I’m finishing up the series. The second book was a bit of a tweener but the last book has been splendid. Overall, the series is a wonderful science fiction examination of privilege and sapience told through spaceships, alien diplomats and a space pistol.

What next? Sword and Soul? More modern military science fiction?

Planning: More SWN this Monday and I’ll get the last planet-guide blog posts on Sector Hades Zeta. I’ve really enjoyed the SWN sector prep, more on that later, I think.

Writing: Blog posts, trying to start a series about the Fiend Folio called the Fiendlands but I’m having trouble finding my grip on it.

And you?

One thought on “Reading, Planning and Writing: Finishing up Ancillary Series

  1. Reading: Tim Powers’s Medusa’s Web and various Conan scenarios I’m editing. The system’s different, but a lot of them are surprisingly similar to Lovecraftian scenarios. That probably shouldn’t be surprising.

    Planning: Running Kerberos: Machinery of Life tonight, my sequel campaign, but this time using an Atomic Robo hack. Friends’ wedding on the weekend.

    Writing: Just sent in long playtest notes for one of the Gumshoe One-2-One playtest scenarios. I like the streamlined system and wonder how much I can import into group Gumshoe. Also, my zine for Alarums & Excursions.

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