Miami Viceroy – SWN Session 3

The game started with Arkady and Deiter having dinner with Kazu, the telepath in charge of the Oritheen digging party. He wanted to put them in charge of their own lab, impressed by their skillsets and their ability to deal with stress. They said that they were interested but wanted to see about a job first.

They put out an ad on RAZORnet and hired on Kagemusha, a criminal with the Comet Dogs, who went freelancer after serving some time in prison to make sure they’d be able to get out of the dinner with Kazu should things go poorly. I rolled 2d6 to see how good each of their hired gun candidates was at their job. Kagemusha was clearly the head of the pack and Deiter has family links to the Comet Dogs, so it was an easy decision.


Arkady and Deiter hitched a ride aboard Captain Rashad Al-rhul-ghias’s fine drug-running merchant ship, the Miami Viceroy. They paid for their passage with Deiter’s successful Traveler Culture rolls and his highly marketable Navigation skill. Deiter failed his Nav roll, causing the ship to be off-course. It took nearly 30 days for them to get to the Abida System.

After scheduling/technical problems and bio-breaks, we probably got a little over an hour of play in. The game ended with the CEO’s of Astral Dragon LLC in the house where Deiter grew up on planet Arecilaos in the Abida system. They were working out the job they took:

ASSET RECOVERY posted by Melite Exchange

Frigate is in need of repo. More details upon uploading and verification of credentials. Ship’s last reliable signal picked up in the Mante Wheel.

Payment is 10% of recovered assets as assessed by Melite Consular.

They’re working with Deiter’s brother, Wolfgang, a cyberninja who works with the Comet Dogs. They’re trying to figure out if they want to bring in the Comet Dog leadership or do this job on their own and charter a ship, paying the Comet Dogs their cut later.

Deiter hit second level. On to the repo job next game…

And I’m working on my first Faction Turn.

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