When giants and dragons made war…

I’m a few dozen pages into Volo’s Guide to Monsters and I’m digging it.


I’m thinking about a world where humans are young and have not yet made their first city; the only city is in this world the giants’ city, Ostoria. Elves are tourists from alien Fey realms and Dwarves are in their glory, profiting hand over fist as the giants and dragons make war and they play both sides against the middle. The Thousand Years War between the giants and the dragons is about to begin.

Humans don’t have gods yet. If players level up, they are the first humans to reach those heights. They’ll meet NPC’s like the inquisitive and young Vecna and his best friend, the hardy warrior, Khaz – maybe a young Raven Queen.


Alignment, I’m taking a cue from Court of Swords. Alignment and morality is based on giants and dragons, the foremost powers in the world.

Bahamut: Justice, Wealth and Leadership

Tiamat: Lore, Collecting and Sorcery

Annam: Strength, Breeding and Order

Othea: Building, Defense and Teaching

Sigil: Adapting, Balance and Learning

Bahamut and Tiamat are draconic deities.

Anna and Othea are the all-father and all-mother of the giants.

Sigil is an idyllic nexus where all elements and ideas meet in a beautiful oasis filled with hidden doorways.


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