SWN Session 7: Hunkering down on Kaprianou

When they arrived in the Lalita system, a drone patrolling the outskirts dropped a data packet to their ship’s comms, announcing that their ship would soon be boarded before they reached Circe. The Lalita Navy was on high alert with the Guevaran Capital Fleet on Jurre, just 2 hexes away.

Deiter did some fancy spike drive flying (and wasn’t all that evasive on a roll of a 6, even with the Expert re-roll). I rolled up what kind of ship in the Lalita Navy would be boarding them.


Kaprianou has pre-tech satellites around it. Apparently, if anyone orbits the planet for too long they send out nanites, a virulent maltech that takes ships apart. Deiter failed a Nav roll in trying to find a piece of land on Kaprianou that was uninhabited.

I had made up a table to see what kind of outlanders were around. I used that to see who was inhabiting the island Deiter found. I rolled up refugees and decided they were from Orithaya, a planet without air. They’d been there for almost a year.

Strachan failed a Stealth roll to sneak around the town and take stock of it.


Arkady offered the headwoman of the village a gift and they had tea and made a deal. The Astral Dragon crew would take over the village’s castle, that they were using to smoke fish and in return, the A.D. posse would help them find alternate food sources (with science!) and train the villagers in combat and help the little girl in the village with MES to gain some control of her powers.

The village of Maga and its headwoman, Kaori Turrov have made a deal with the Astral Dragon LLC.


Deiter remembered to introduce Arkaday as Roy (his incognito travel name) just in time for Arkady to decide that he was going to tell Kaori his real name.

Tough moment when Strachan failed his Stealth test. I didn’t want to fuck with his bad-ass aura but a failed roll is a failed roll. I decided the village had cameras that he hadn’t anticipated.

I felt like I should’ve had a predator stalking the bison-scarabs for some alien danger – a missed opportunity, I think.

It was a low energy game but still, a good night in space with the fellas.

It is staggering how much background info has been generated for this game and even among the little world directly around the players, we’ve only scratched the surface.

Next week, the Exceptional Object is boarded by the Patrol Boat Tasmania under the command of Captain Rajani Ojo.

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