What are you playing?

This used to be a thing back in the day. The hope is that it will allow folks to think about what is happening at their table, what they would like to happen in the future and inspire conversations.

Past 3 games played, Best 3 games ever played, 3 games you want to play:

Played: Stars Without Number, Burning Wheel, Sorcerer

Best: Burning Wheel, Apocalypse World, PTA

Want: The Warren, D&D, Dogs in the Vineyard

If you have any questions, please ask.

Feel free to post your own answers in the comments or links to wherever you choose to answer if you’d like.

4 thoughts on “What are you playing?

  1. Played: The Dark Eye, Numenera, 5e

    Best: Burning Wheel, Exalted, Anima

    Want: Something Glorantha (HeroQuest, RQ, or 13th Age, The One Ring, Shadows of Esteren

      • I am GMing The Dark Eye right now, two games of it currently. I was initially attracted to its world as it billed itself as having a more historically grounded, Old World style of fantasy. I am enjoying the feel of the world and its sense of depth. The products are gorgeous and are tied into 30 years of the game’s living history. The adventures which came with the kick starter are surprisingly varied in style, and present interesting moral and role-playing choices for the players. I feel like my players are enjoying exploring the world as well.

        The Dark Eye IS a crunchier game than I am used to running, at least recently. I would put it on the same level of complexity as Pathfinder, but with a point buy mechanic for character creation. There are lots of ways to make a character that is not super effective at anything, which is something I often find with most point-buy systems, but the experience system enables players to recover from that quickly. So far it seems that about five sessions in, the players have a good grasp of the general systems, and are coming to understand the nuances of the sub-systems. I do like their 3d20 mechanic for skill resolution. Each skill is linked to three attributes, and you roll against all three each time trying to get under the relevant attribute. Skill points are used to lower high dice rolls, as well as influence the quality of the success. It seems very clunky at first glance, but it moves faster at the table than I anticipated.

        Interestingly, this post pointed out to me that the games which I consider my best games, were very crunchy as well. I feel that mechanical crunch plays a part in our investment into games, at least long term. Anima, Burning Wheel, and Exalted were all games I ran for 2+ years. I feel as though the crunch was necessary to support the weight of a game lasting that long.

  2. Last 3: Monsterhearts, with the 2nd edition sneak peek pack; Thousand Arrows playtest at Metatopia; Sticks Improv at Metatopia.

    Best 3: This is difficult because it always changes, and I play a lot of amazing games. Let’s go with Over the Edge, Fate, and BRPS. This leaves out a lot of other bests (Gumshoe, Monsterhearts, and many others).

    Want 3: Clockwork: Dominion, The Fall of Magic (played before, but would like to see how it goes a second time), and Pasion de los Pasiones (playtested at Metatopia and found it delightful). Again, this leaves out a lot of wants, including Bluebeard’s Bride and Queers in the Dark (both playtested at Metatopia).

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