Reading, Planning, Writing: an unsettled Friday

Reading: I’ve been jumping around, unsatisfied, unable to settle into anything. I’ll jump on Sully, as I have to conduct a book club meeting discussion on it.

Planning: The weekend has become full, very full. I’m hoping I can find time to do laundry and throw chicken into the slow cooker.

Writing: Writing notes and bits and bobs for an all-kobold 5E games. Wrote up kobold backgrounds last night, which was fun.

And you?

One thought on “Reading, Planning, Writing: an unsettled Friday

  1. Reading : The Hollow Crown By Dan Jones , The fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde and the Witches by Stacy Schiff.
    Planning : one morning of cooking in bulk for the next fortnight , Lentils , Lentils , Lentils !!!
    Writing :campaign ideas for a Lotfp game with witchs in it ? and compiling ideas fro a Chronica Feudalis game set in the time of the last Plantagenet king !!

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