Sorcerer, Comic Strip AP, Sessions 1-3

The Comic Strip AP site.


Here are the first 3 episodes, all in one place. As a listener, I dig the short, punchy format with a few dice rolls and reveals an episode. As a player, playing 15 minutes at a clip is an odd, cool thing that I’m still processing. My hope is that the Comic Strip AP format will allow us to look at techniques and the episodic format will allow us to locate them easily.

3 thoughts on “Sorcerer, Comic Strip AP, Sessions 1-3

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never gotten a chance to play Sorcerer but from what I’ve read and listening to this it sounds pretty neat.

    As an FYI, I see video 1 twice, and no video 2 (although I was able to find it via the playlist link in the videos). Good listening though!

  2. Judd,

    Some friends of mine were online singing the praises of Dictionary of Mu.

    Will it ever be available again for purchase? In PDF form, perhaps?

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