SWN 9: Pillars of Heaven, Meeting the Army and Hacking the Satellite

It was a session rife with mechanical problems as my wi-fi shit the bed.

They have a Free Merchant Frigate, the Pillars of Heaven, homage to Big Trouble in Little China: “We really shook the Pillars of Heaven, didn’t we, Wang?”


The players got back to Kaprianou to find that some local scouts tried to make their way onto the island and got shot up. They met with the local general of the 10,000 Tigers’ army and made peace. The TL1 army has an emblem on its banner from the Perimeter Agency that was in charge of hunting down rogue artificial intelligences but they carry board spears and wear armor made from lizard hide and bamboo.


The game ended with Deiter and Arkady floating in orbit, trying to hack into the pre-tech satellite that controls the planet’s nanite cloud, hoping to piggy back onto its comms so the ship can more easily communicate with the surface. Arkady nailed his Pre-tech roll and got in, found out that there are still working comms down on this TL1 planet and an AI called AR3S tried to hack past their firewall but failed.

And that is where we ended it. I reckon it is a good sign that we desperately wanted to keep gaming. I need to do another faction round since it took some time to get their ship.

Good stuff!

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