Event – The Scarlet Bride PDF

Event – The Scarlet Bride PDF with Opportunities to get this feral ghost hunting down the living in your own campaign.

PDF, edited and laid out by Sean Nittner with more wonderful Blades resources HERE.
Any errors are mine. Thank you, Sean!
Scarlet Bride

The Feral Ghost known as the Scarlet Bride kills at will in the back-alleys while those the Immortal Emperor’s sent to protect us are holed up in their Ivory Manor in Whitecrown, denying the spectre’s very existence.

On the 17th of Elisar, Quess Sevoy never made it home from the Laughing Goat Pub after asking Crowl Templeton for his hand in marriage on . A gondlier found her body, a shriveled husk, spring flowers in her hair and under her fingernails. Ring Daava was found headless, flowers stuffed into his neck-stump after the Daava and Slane families had arranged his marriage to Mara on the 45th of that same month.

Whispers in the know say it is a feral ghost called the Scarlet Bride who is to blame.

The Scarlet Bride stalks the back-alleys of Duskwall during feast-days with her maid-sisters in tow, murdering young men and women on the precipice of getting married. Survivors say the Scarlet Bride maid-sisters begin by throwing flower petals at their victim’s feet and ambush them in the alleys as they run in terror.

The Warden-General declined to give an official word on the status of the Spirit Warden’s hunt for this feral spectre but his office offered this statement:

“Your reporters need to seriously consider that the Scarlet Bride could easily be a clever gang. This puff piece does nothing but cement the reputation of Duskwall’s latest masked criminals.”

When will those who are holed up in their ivory manor in Whitecrown come down from their silver carriage to save us, as the Immortal Emperor intends? The Warden-General’s office declined to comment on the murders of young men and women in the threshold of their nuptials.

As always, the Inspector’s offices declined to comment on any ongoing investigation or even if such an investigation exists. A reliable source among the City Watch said that the murders were not yet of sufficient volume to warrant any official investigations based on the neighborhoods in which the murders occur. The source went on to say that there was no proof that the high numbers of murders in the neighborhoods the Scarlet Bride calls her hunting grounds, it was not clear that the deaths were not mundane murders with no ghostly foundation at all.


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