The Immortal Emperor

Pictured below is the Undying and Imperial Majesty, Immortal Emperor of Akoros, Arch-Duke of the Southern Hook and the Northern Hook, King of Skovlan and Grand Admiral of the Akorosi Navy.

There is some distortion in the picture below, as there are in all statues, pictographs and artistic depictions of the Immortal Emperor, a side-effect of the puissant ritual used during his coronation that allowed him to break free from the yoke of the Necromancer Oligarchs who tried to thwart his ascension.

The Immortal Emperor

The Immortal Emperor / Tier VI

The Emperor arrives in the city for the first time since turning on the lightning barriers in a haze of pomp and heightened security. From the moment his personal train pulls into Gaddoc Station the skies are choked by Imperial airships and the docks are patrolled by Imperial warships. (+2 Heat to any jobs that involve the Immortal Emperor’s Allies or Enemies)

Faction Clocks: Uncover Assassination Plot 8 / Gather Enough Mercantile and Noble Support in Order to Declare War in Iruvia 8

Turf: A week before the Emperor arrives his secret police and Imperial Engineers take over Whitecrown, setting up physical security and a back-up lightning barrier, discreetly set into place with the finest technology modern science can produce just in case the city’s barrier should fall. The Imperial levy is tripled while the Immortal Emperor is visiting and profound pressure is put on magistrates, inspectors and Bluecoats to put dangerous scoundrels in the depths of Ironhook for the length of the Emperor’s stay. (Any Arrests made during the Emperor’s visit will remain in jail until he leaves or the scoundrel escapes).

NPCs: Stev Scurlock (warden supreme, patient, curious, cold)  Brance Daava (brigadier general of the Eternal Lions, paranoid, aggressive, sadistic) Lucella Dunvil (grand duchess, captain of the Secret Police, heir to the Governorship of Imperial City, bored, intrigued, ambitious).

Notable Assets: The Emperor rolls deep. His retinue includes the Eternal Lions, elite bodyguards whose zealous platoons are bolstered by state of the art war-hulls. His perimeter is circled by airships full of sky marines and his living quarters are warded by his personal whispers and a kennel full of Sevrin Bull Terriers, hunting dogs that are able to tear ghosts apart with their green and black teeth. His personal staff Wardens are the original posse who fought and bled alongside him to cut free of the Necromancer Oligarchs, cheat death and then implement the lightning barriers.

Allies: Imperial Military, Leviathan Hunters, Ministry of Preservation, Spirit Wardens, City Council

Enemies: The Foundation, Iruvian Consulate, Lord Scurlock, The Reconciled

Situation: The Emperor and his court have arrived in Doskvol for one reason, to gather support among the Leviathan Hunters and mercantile interests in order to declare war on Iruvia and claim its lands as a colony of the Immortal Empire.

IE Parade in DW


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