Electric Bastionland: Inspiration for Deep Country with Failed Career Tables

Daydreaming about Electric Bastionland before it comes out. I’ve only seen a smattering of the Failed Career Table but I love how it communicates setting.

This blog post started as a series of tweets but it was growing long and I didn’t want it to get lost. So, here’s a way to use the Failed Career Table to make a Deep Country area. This process is meant to be inspirational, so if you’d rather choose rather than roll, choose. If you get good ideas then the process is working.

Roll 3 times on the Failed Career Table. Write those three careers down and think of them as industries.

Throughout this process make sure to daydream, write notes, laugh maniacally at the sky and put holds on books at the library that might inspire more madness.

Status Quo

The first career is the industry that is running this area. Not everyone does this job but it is the industry that most influences laws and govt’.

  • What resources have to be in this area of the Deep Country for that career to have such influence?
  • How does that industry make its money?
  • What are they pushing for to try and fortify their power (and can the players be drawn in to their attempts to hold on to their status quo)?

Fading Glory

Roll again on the Failed Careers Table. This is the industry that held power for a time but is now fading.

  • What changed to cause their money to dry and influence to fade away?
  • What desperate and doomed gambit are they working on to try and regain former glory (and can the players be drawn into this hot mess)?

Future Profits

Roll a 3rd time on the Failed Career Table. This is the up-and-coming industry that will be raking in the money in the years to come. Only the most forward-thinking and prophetic business-folk see this market shift coming.

  • What is changing to cause this industry to begin its rise?
  • Who is the prophet who sees this rising coming and is preparing for it (and can the players be drawn into their ascension)?

Finishing touches

  • What weird shit do these industries suggest is in this area? Write that down.
  • Daydream about any other ways these neighboring industries might have caused strangeness to bleed, collaborate, mutate and maybe synthesize into something new.
  • Daydream a bit about what it’d be like to grow up in a place with these industries. What children’s games are in this area? Maybe come up with a festival or strange civic ceremony that isn’t found elsewhere.
  • Lastly, how does Bastion, the only City that matters, cast its shadow over this place?


As I wrote this blog I haven’t actually seen the Failed Career Table but the bits and pieces that have been release are sodamned / cool that I thought it would work well. When the pdf with the full table is published I’ll write up a follow up post with some examples.

Inspired by Bastion’s Triple Rule.

Woop! There is a blog post with 100 Failed Careers. They all might not make it to the final book but still, it is a solid start.

Spark Table could be useful to this process.

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