Why is this science fiction world confusing and new to your character?

Maybe you are new to an already established science fiction campaign or just want to learn about the setting through play.

Roll a d10 and a d6 (or if you see something you like, pick it)

1.cryo sleep, disease that was killing you now cured via science.

    1. The Big C
    2. Xeno Virus
    3. Mental Void Syndrome
    4. Implants went sour now removable
    5. Science test subject went wrong
    6. Frozen in midst of traumatic brain injury that is now repairable

2. incarceration.

    1. Data theft
    2. Violence
    3. Black Market Sales
    4. Ship theft
    5. Debt
    6. Illegal Science Infraction

3. a term in military service.

    1. Corporate Mercs
    2. Terran Drop Ship Marine
    3. Terran Insurgent Agent
    4. Local Planetary Orbit Guard
    5. Local Planetary Assault Force
    6. Marine on Capital Ship

4. cryo sleep, after a long stint in an out of date generation ship.

    1. Cult heading for a “holy star”
    2. You left for this system as science found a faster way
    3. Ship was damaged and adrift, never arrived at destination
    4. AI dropped your pods on a moon and left
    5. Exiled from colony
    6. Ship was destroyed when it drifted into the battlegrounds of an interstellar war

5. past decade of memory was wiped.

    1. Psychic blast
    2. Disease
    3. State of the art weapon
    4. Xeno-contact side-effect
    5. Wiped as part of a judicial sentence to protect corporate intellectual property
    6. You have no idea

6. returned from long FTL trip.

    1. Blue collar void-work
    2. Colonial Marine
    3. Refugee from fallen colony
    4. Pilgrim back from visiting holy sites
    5. Terran Agent back from Olde Earth
    6. Science Vessel Lab Tech

7. left isolated low tech enclave.

    1. Religious Community (new space religion)
    2. Artistic Community
    3. Punitive Community for past generation’s aggression
    4. Philosophical Enclave (this is how humans were meant to grow strong)
    5. Colony recovering from technological apocalypse
    6. Crashed capital ship just rescued after decades

8. clone awakened after memory download mishap.

    1. You used to be rich and this was your insurance policy at work
    2. Military download during an attack
    3.  Auto accident
    4. Warp core in your ship went critical
    5. You tried a new, untested venue towards immortality
    6. Memory slowly degraded after last download, need a fix before long term memory fades away again

9. possessed by non-human entity.

    1. Cutting edge AI trying out flesh
    2. Benign alien entered mind at moment of death
    3. Alien took over human not realizing it was theft
    4. Alien virus took over brain and learned empathy
    5. Alien inserted into human sleeve as forward agent before invasion
    6. Symbiosis via consent with alien intelligence has created this new being

10. past job took you out of touch with day to day reality.

    1. Pop star or pop star adjacent
    2. Highly paid athlete
    3. Successful fully embedded virtual reality MMO player
    4. Scientist studying distant astronomical event
    5. Embedded anthropologist
    6. Volunteer aid worker on low tech level world


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