Medals for Band of Blades

Inspired by this Reddit thread, wanted to save it here.

Once you decide to base the medals on Chosen and realize that by that logic, there would be medals based on the Broken before the Cinder King broke them things get dark in a big hurry.

The Horned Honor: Awarded for executing a plan of exquisite cunning in battle.

“That is some horned shit right there. Good plan.”

The Star of the Dawn: Awarded for excellence in leadership and training. Noted for often being given to officers who go to great measures to get rookies ready for battle and are not popular among the rank and file.

“This asshole is trying to earn the Star of the Dawn on our dead backs.”

The Battle Saint’s Blessing: Awarded for steadfast adherence to duty in the face of truly fell antagonism. Often awarded posthumously, leading it to be a kind of insult among soldiers.

“‘Once you hear the signal get out of there. Don’t wait around to get the Battle Saint’s Blessing put on your funeral pyre.”

But all of the Broken were once Chosen. Before the Cinder King broke them there were medals in their names too. Will these medals continue to be awarded? Will those who are awarded them be somehow cursed or find a connection to that Broken?

The Trinity Medal: Awarded for excellence in scientific innovation.

“The last soldier who earned this created blackshot; the bar is high.”

The Safe Harbor Ribbon: Awarded for saving civilian life within the parameters of the mission.

“I’m taking odds on the next soldier to get this award will be hit by lightning… Whose in?”

The Blessed Heart: Awarded for strong faith in the trenches. Once this was a truly great honor, one of the rarest to be awarded. But now…

“Alright, Blessed Heart, stow that god-bothering nonsense and listen up – mission brief time…”

What is Band of Blades, you ask?


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