Making Cloroshaw

Step 1: Visit the Medieval City Generator Page

Step 2: Add some numbers and letters. Paste pic.

Cloroshaw Labelled

Step 3: I’d like us to make some stuff up. We’ll need some structure.

A .The Griffon Gate
Six things the hill-folk might be bringing through the Griffon Gate

  1. herd of sheep
  2. griffon eggs
  3. captured bandits
  4. a tithe
  5. soon to be wedded couple
  6. holy relic in a sarcophagus

B. The Dragon Gate
Six things the merchant princes’ caravans might be bringing through the Dragon Gate

  1. enough caravan guards to take over the city (not that they’d never do such a thing)
  2. herd of horses
  3. rolls of fine fabric in vibrant hues
  4. statue from a faraway kingdom
  5. meat of odd creatures in crates with shaved ice
  6. baskets of exotic fruit in all manner of colors, smooth and spiky rinds

C. The Lion Gate
Six things the duke’s vassals might be gossiping about while they wait to get through the Lion Gate

  1. the weather is the Duke’s fault for not making the right offering last month
  2. how uppity the merchant princes have been getting lately
  3. the war in a nearby kingdom
  4. protection from hill-folk raids
  5. taxes is there a witch causing the cattle to act funny
  6. will the apple brandy be ready for the festival

1. The Market
Six things you didn’t expect to find in the market

  1. genuine unicorn horn
  2. an actual prophet offering to tell you your future
  3. an infamous book, thought lost, clearly stolen
  4. a comedy duo performing for tips
  5. famous bard, down on their luck
  6. a map of this city but all of the landmarks have different names

Six things you always expect to find in the market

  1. local dish, prepared perfectly
  2. pickpockets
  3. spice traders
  4. polished brass, overpriced
  5. wool
  6. outrageous haggling, performative

2. Eastside
Six types of muggers in Eastside

  1. knights
  2. squires
  3. caravan guards
  4. actual Eastside criminal with a knife
  5. Priests of the god of Thieves, practicing their religion, and giving their thefts to the poor
  6. sorcerer, using illusions to cover their crime

Six games children play in Eastside

  1. Knucklebones with real crypt knuckles
  2. Race to the Canal
  3. Round (a complex game involving a drawn circle, two teams, and sticks)
  4. Game of Dares, involving spooky places throughout the city
  5. Flips (a game using stones of two colors, a small grid, and movement along lines)
  6. Wights (involves one kid riding on the shoulders of another chasing a bunch of other children who are turned undead)

3. Lairside
Six dragon shrines you’ll see in Lairside

  1. The Hill Worm, vanquished by the hill-folks ancestral hero or just sleeping?
  2. Kurikameo the Gold, father of all dragons, who the nobles leave trinkets to so that he may increase their hoards
  3. The Star Wyrm, which is essentially the Milky Way made dragon
  4. The Green Beast, said to have eaten all of the lions that once ruled the forest
  5. Ur-Mother, said to be the dragon who birthed the world
  6. Shrine of the Earth’s Roar, a dimly lit building where you can hear the rumblings of the dragon that lives beneath all things

4. Highside
Six highborn folk you might see conspiring in Highside

  1. knight bought off by the merchant-princes
  2. Lady learning illegal sorcery
  3. noble with only his name left, his family fortune exhausted.
  4. prince on pilgrimage, slumming it in the city
  5. most attractive of the Duke’s sons, second-to-last to inherit, tentatively promised to the temple
  6. _not-so-secret artist (who has other secrets)

5. Pride Keep
Six reasons people are petitioning the duke

  1. bring the duke’s justice to a hillfolk clan for raiding local farms
  2. reduce the gate fees for passing in to and out of the city
  3. tear down one of the dragon shrines in favor of a new temple
  4. repair the griffon road
  5. demand the church brings local sorcerer to trial on witchcraft charges
  6. consolidate a large estate that was split apart by quarreling heirs.

There is a violent tussle on the streets of Cloroshaw, who shows up to break it up?

  1. mercenary caravan guards moonlighting as local law until their merchant leaves town
  2. squire of a powerful knight who can’t be troubled to show up
  3. mob of angry locals with shovels and rocks
  4. actual city guard, amazingly enough, no one expects them to show
  5. ducal house guard – lethal, brutal and simple in their decisions
  6. one of the duke’s children, doing their best to bring ham-handed high justice to the situation

How long does it take for them to get there?

  • Eastside, roll 2d6 and take the lowest
  • The Market, roll 1d6
  • Lairside, roll 2d6
  • Highside, roll 3d6
  • Pride Keep, roll 4d6
  1. never
  2. the next day
  3. 4 hours
  4. 1 hour
  5. 5 minutes
  6. immediately

Step 4: I’m going to show it to some friends and fill it out. If you do the same, post the results in the comments or a link to your post…

Step 5: Edit in what friends came up with.

Thank you, Stras, John, J.C. and Dev

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