Travel in Trophy Gold

EDIT: I re-did this idea and did it better here.

By the time of the Respite, no magi living knew how to effect that mastery which Preema had enjoined; but anyway the Road was still holding safe three centuries after laying the greatwork, then as now.

from [ancestral eidetic memory] of the magi of the Ashëan Enclave

– Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson


Essentially, it is a slightly tweaked Hunt roll.

There’s a new way to earn an extra die:

dice-six-faces-six Take 1 light colored die for traveling the Olde Kaldhur Roads, built with the well crafted masonry that conduct the powerful energies that charge the arcane wards.

dice-six-faces-sixDon’t forget to earn one for exploring and asking questions and another for having the right skill and/or gear. Prepare for your journey! Ask questions about items on the map and what you’ve heard. Engage. The road is dangerous.

The Olde Kaldhur Roads are broken and were made with cities, dams, rivers, and lakes that are no longer there. Traveling to cities and villages should be difficult and demand travel onto newer and less protected paths and roads.

1 Hunt Token = 1 safe night in a place where the players can rest and get either access to water or safety from the elements or safety from wandering beasts

3 Hunt Tokens= either 1 safe night with access to water, safety from both elements and beasts or you find a well trod path or a landmark that will lead you to a village or city if you are lost.

Roll the dice. If your highest die is a:

1. Lose one token and encounter something terrible, it has the jump on you

2. ⬇️

3.Encounter something terrible but it hasn’t detected you yet

4. ⬇️

5. Take 1 token and encounter something terrible but you can choose the ground where the meeting will take place

6. Take 1 token, the road is clear and birds are singing

When you draw a map for travel leave plenty of white space. The map is not a finished product. It is a work in progress. Add some awesome stuff because you think it sounds cool without an idea of what it means just yet. Rivers, roads, mountains, big bodies of water and dangerous wastelands offer restraints to movement and are valuable.

If you draw in some Olde Kaldhur Roads, they shouldn’t make sense to today’s geography and should be as broken as the ancient Kaldhur Empire.

Untested Vague Idea: Don’t give your map to the players. Describe it to them and ask them to draw their own. Cartographers can be wrong. If they get lost it is more adventure-fuel.

Keep your map and flesh it out as you daydream and fill in some of the white spaces during prep. Don’t feel like you have to fill in all of the white spaces.

Dice Icons are from Game

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