Post-Agon Affinity fun

We’ve got a Sunday afternoon Agon game going. I need more brunchy gaming in my life.

I’m playing Hathor the Bloody-minded, though I think Hathor is trying to turn a new leaf during his post-war trip towards home…not that he thinks he’s going to survive.

We played most of the way through Kryos this Sunday, ready to rock into the final conflict next Sunday. I’ve been playing with the Affinity Suite lately and wanted to make something inspired by the game.

Found this amazing photo by Kurt Komoda blkFigWhtCROPFLAT via photopin (license).

Harpies vs. Greek Soldiers

In our Agon game, we set up a new festival in which the folk of Kryos offer treasure to the harpies in return for their protection. Charlotte, the game’s GM, offered this amazing detail for the harpy leader, that she had gold and silver woven into her feathers.

I had two goals: gold and silver in the lead harpy’s wings and that dude laying hands on the harpy’s arm needed to go. It was a fun edit.

I was talking trash as I worked on it.

“Lay hands on the Harpy Queen, will ya…not on my watch, emmer-effer.”

Someone please notice the blood on her claws…

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