Cyberpunk AW: black market thrills

I am the magic man. I am your link to the subconscious. I have what you want. I can get you what you can’t have.

Strange Days

I’ve been daydreaming about playing a cyberpunk game using the Burned Over AW rules and listening to Neuromancer while I do chores around the house.


Augury is a drug put into a bath and soaked into the skin that allows the user to drop their consciousness into chaotic blend of digital networks, personal metadata and AI playgrounds that lurk behind everyone’s eyes. The trip is an Augury roll while the character is unconscious and helpless.

Coming down off it, even after a successful Augury roll, the character should Act Under Fire, using +Hard rather than +Cool to deal with the side-effects. If the user has done an Augury without the drug before they can choose to use +Weird instead.

A successful Act Under Fire roll means nothing worse than a headache and a hangover, -1 forward until you hydrate and get a decent meal in you.

Make sure someone you trust is watching you while you have a shared hallucination in a bath tub.

Brain Hitch

Brain Hitch is a neurological device being developed to gain access to information in someone’s brain and now is used to store and sell memories like old fashioned mix tapes. For the right price, you can live someone else’s thrill – from robbing a bank to a L.E.O.R.P.L. (Low Earth Orbit Re-Entry to Parachute Landing) to sex. There are said to be side-effects for having your memories recorded.

Tower Elites are known to use this drug to slum it and see how the downside live.


Aggravation is a combat drug made during one of the countless nameless wars of the past decade, designed to switch off empathy, pain receptors and fear responses. When you take Aggravation, choose:

When you take Aggravation, choose, however many you’d like. MC Holds 1 for every one you choose:

  • When you Do Battle, +1 Harm inflicted
  • When you Do Battle, -1 Harm for an hour
  • When You Do Battle, +1 Hold

MC can spend these Holds to do any of the following when the time is right:

  • Tell the player that they feel no fear about a given situation, even though they should. +1 XP if the table agrees what they are doing is batshit dangerous.
  • Inflict more Harm than the character intended, including turning stun or psi harm into killing harm.
  • During a stressful situation, the character blacks out and wakes up covered in blood. Ask the player whose blood it is.


Sex Only Better is a pill that intensifies both emotional connections and physical pleasure receptors.

When you have sex on S.O.B., go to the old Apocalypse World book and choose a Sex Move. That happens.

Memories are meant to fade. They’re designed that way for a reason.

Strange Days

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