Mad, Thunder & Fury

After watching Fury Road every few months since it came out I rewatched Beyond Thunderdome tonight and it held up well. The movies have more parallels than I thought. It felt like both films started with the same opening move but different results.

Well, ain’t we a pair…

In the beginning of the session if you are walking the path of Mad Max, the Stranger with No Name, the One Who Keeps Mr. Death in His Pocket, the Walker in the Waste, the Raggedy Man, roll +Hard.

On a 10+, you get to the charged situation in pretty good shape, Choose 5

On a 7-9, choose 3 from the list.

On a 6 or lower, choose 1.

_ You’ve got your vehicle but it is almost out of fuel

_ You’re a walking weapons cache. Roll Under Fire if you are supposed to be without a weapon and on a hit, tell the MC how you tucked one away where no one thought to look.

_ You’ve got both boots. If nothing else you can walk the fuck out of here.

_ You’ve got that little shiny lux thing you found in the wastelands, stuck in your belt; its not a weapon. Do you know what it is?

_ You’ve got your autonomy, no one has captured you nor chained you to their bumper.

_ You’ve got water and food to last a few days but not enough to walk out of here and hope to make it to the next settlement.

_ You’re not seeing ghosts from past regrets quite as often but if shit gets dangerous old traumas will likely surface. Knowing the difference between those old ghosts and the people right in front of you might prove challenging.


I’ve never wanted a tweet to go viral as much as this one:

Or should this just be a straight up AW campaign?

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