Stars Without Number + Godbound =

During chargen we figure out what Star Gods actually are and how we’re setting the Space Magic dial. Spells from ancient satellites? Bene Gesserit weirding way or Jedi mystic mind control? Click. Set.

Was a holy order seeded here, missionaria protectiva style, ready to support the Star Gods when they arrived, as prophesied?

Do they arrive in a space ark capital ship or a comet or do they appear through humanity’s dreams or collective unconscious or are they born with this seed of divinity hidden in them by their ancestors? Maybe the Scream also killed all of the Star Gods or drove them into a deep slumber. We’ll suss that out together as we make up our sci-fi pantheon.

Next I’d go to Sectors Without Number and make up as small a sector as I can. Right now that is 5×5. Cool, that is a nice mini-campaign. I’d sit down with the notes and daydream with a pen in my hand.

The Star Gods are there to get this sector in order. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe it means taking over. Maybe it means establishing temples. Maybe it means linking the governments to Olde Earth. Depends on the Star Gods. Maybe it means blessing a few visionaries and then leaving. Players decide when to move on.

Once they have this sector in hand or in a state that the players are happy with or they are just ready to move on, they begin constructing a stargate to the next sector and we do it again.

Thinking about Circe Theta

Fun stuff here in Circe Theta.

Lots of alien research bases studying humans. Alien Star Gods? But of course.

Black Holes are always fun. Astra is a doomed world right next to the Black Hole and the Black Hole’s other neighbor is home to a dying race. There’s a cyclical doom tag on Papadoudo. Lots of doom all around this singularity. Something to think about.

I’d want to zoom in and out, with both details about the world along with larger than life science fiction space opera threats for the Star Gods to deal with. Alien star gods watching from a distance, a Black Hole spewing doom along with the fun tags will offer more than enough inspirations for factions.

Image by ipicgr from Pixabay

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2 thoughts on “Stars Without Number + Godbound =

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