Tenser’s Steed, a fun moment

During last week’s game I rolled up Godless Pilgrims (see Tables for the Outlands) and it led to some really fun role-playing opportunities. The corpseflea Cleric of Death is working on saying Last Rites to the pilgrim’s dead world. Good times.

I decided the pilgrims should have hired guards; the Outlands are dangerous after all. I decided they were holy knights…but from which deity?

I rolled 2d6.


Wait, who?

Holy Arcane Knights with their magical tomes chained to their breast plates and long riding lances.

“And they’re riding…not horses…something cooler…I…maybe…”

“Tenser’s Discs,” Andrew said.

“Oh hell yeah. The discs are bent in the middle so you can throw a saddle over them.”

This led to a conversation between the frog-kid wizard, Bugwump and the Holy Arcane Knights of Ioun about how they cast magic from arcane runes that render living spells into their brains while the frog-kin purposefully mutate a gland to channel their arcane might. The channeling arcane might through a gland was all Bugwump’s player, John, bringing in the awesome world-building from his character’s point of view.

Now we’ve got Holy Arcane Knights who ride magical discs and their goddess’ library-cathedral, frog-people who cast magic through a gland.

I wanted something happening in the background, so I decided that the arcane knights had scouts checking the perimeter. I rolled on the 2d6+1d6 encounter table and got Githyanki who were hunting down some Githzerai but there was so much going on I forgot to use it.


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