Nara and the Burning Wheel, Episode 6

Nara and the Burning Wheel is the third arc of our Burning Wheel game. We play every other Friday on the Actual Play Twitch Channel and the games are archived on the Actual Play youtube channel.

We’ll catch you up right here so you can watch along with us.

Title Card: Nara and the Burning Wheel Friday / 7:30PM PST / 10:30PM EST / @judd_of_kry / @seannittner

In the first arc of the game Nara was a baby and in that game she was declared an elf-friend (so that a cruel elf wouldn’t murder her) and prophesied to be the Arch-mage. When we learned this before we knew what an Arch-mage was, what the title meant or that Nara was going to be a character in the third arc.

Since then we have learned that the ages of this world are marked by Arch-mages, one per generation. If Nara is the next Arch-mage she will be the 5th, an auspicious number. An Arch-mage is a wizard who picks up the Burning Wheel, an artifact left on a mountaintop in the care of the Dwarven Wheelholdt clan, and carries it down the mountain.

Nara has been feeling the pressure to pick up this dangerous and powerful artifact while also feeling unprepared and unready to do so. Despite all of these pressures, when violence broke out in the city she picked up the Wheel and tried to stop this outbreak of violence with magic. She failed and is burned. That is where we find her today. Burned, frustrated, ashamed and trying to figure out what comes next for a wizard who tries to pick up the Wheel and fails.

Sean and I are playing Burning Wheel (Technically, Burning Wheel Gold Revised), a rules dense system that revolves around the character’s beliefs. Below are the beliefs Sean has written for Nara over the sessions of this game, to give you an idea of her growth and what interests Sean about the setting. It is Judd’s job to push these beliefs.

Theses are ambitious beliefs Sean has written.

Bury your own heads has become a kind of unofficial campaign motto since Nara made a deal with a powerful spirit and it led to her playing a role in the death of over a dozen bandits.

Sean putting Nara in a position to change the world. We don’t know how much she’ll change the world or how much the world will change her.

Join us tonight and find out.

If you have any questions please ask. Our friends in chat are friendly and supportive and we often respond when play allows.

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