Welcome to Sector Alas Theta

Thank you for joining us as we play Stars Without Number. When we played together last year we all wanted to get together again and play some more. Here we are. We’ve agreed to give it a shot for three episodes and see how we’re feeling.

Misha is the mastermind behind Black Girl Gameworks, a founder of New Agenda Publishing and a curator for More Seats at the Table.

Jahmal‘s work in the gaming community can be found at the Madjay Zero Hustle. Check out his podcast, Diceology.

This is our first session. Misha and Jay are playing Envoys, here to bring Sector Alas Theta back to the Terran Mandate after 300 years of isolation. Inspired by Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve decided that the Terran Mandate is a benevolent organization, with people who are doing their best in a bad situation. The Envoys will be briefed on what initial scans picked up and choose a planet to set their orbital platform HQ into orbit around.

Tonight their characters are getting to know each other as we explore Alas Theta’s factions and the sci-fi mysteries that drive them.

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