Bringing it all together quickly with Backgrounds

Fucking hell that is elegant. Nice work, as always, Rob.

D&D Ideas Page


What religion or temple did you all serve?

NOTE: Maybe an elf god owes Pelor a favor from some ancient myth or the tiefling is there because the Devil-God pledged several years of service from his finest children.

What was your character’s favorite festival at the temple?

What mythological story resonated most deeply with your character?

Adventure Question:

What holy/unholy relic did you all hide in the caves not far from the temple and why are you compelled to go back and get it now?


What wealthy class of folk did you use your cunning to fleece and who supported this scam?

What made you realize this way of life was unethical or what inspired you to set this way of life aside?

Who was the most dangerous person you ever conned?

Adventure Question:

You fleeced someone more powerful than you could have imaged and got something with too much heat on it. You all hid it in the depths of the city and agreed to not look at it again for a decade. Next week is the 10th anniversary. What was the item you all hid away?


How did you survive when particularly zealous group of paladins killed every criminal in the city?

What is different about being an adventurer that your character likes better than crime?

Adventure Question:

You all left a job undone and feel a duty to go back and finish it. Name the job.


What kind of entertainment did your troupe offer and what artistic skill did your character offer?

What story did you tell to give common folks strength against those in power that led you all to set entertaining aside and become adventurers?

Adventure Question:

While researching for your next piece you ran across something all too real. What was it and what treasures are said to be hidden there?

Folk Hero

What is the name of the famous heroic at that made you all locally famous?

How did that act of heroism make is impossible to go back to your normal lives?

Adventure Question:

What did evil did you uncover during your hero work that needs to be dealt with immediately?

Guild Artisan

Where did the guild tradition in which young apprentice artisans go out into the world and accomplish a goal before settling down and becoming journeyman come from?

Who among you makes the fanciest work and who makes the most reliable?

Adventure Question:

What ancient piece of lore has the guild given you to guide you in your adventure?


What fell shadow is moving across the world that led you to seek seclusion in the monastery, far from the goings on of the world?

What does your character miss about the world?

What does your character love about the secluded life?

Adventure Question:

What news has come to the monastery that is causing you all to leave seclusion and venture out into the world?


What noble clan has welcomed you all within its lineage?

NOTE: But Judd, you say, we have a tiefling and a dwarf and a half-elf and a fire genasi…how can we all be in the same family?

Family is complicated. Make something up and let me know how it goes.

What mythic beast adorns your heraldry and how does it offer a philosophy to your clan?

Adventure Question:

Now that the crown is lost and succession is uncertain, what are you and your comrades preparing to do to safeguard your clan and the people you watch over?


What is the boundary that marks the lands of your births and civilization?

What do you miss from home? What about the “civilized” lands has surprised you?

NOTE: Yeah, you all get to create a civilization beyond the wall together. No need to do everything at once. Go slowly and learn about your home through play. Have fun.

Adventure Question:

What is threatening your home and inspired you all to pass the boundary and adventure among these people who call themselves civilized?


What did you study?

In what ways is your group of sages like a university in our world and in what ways is it entirely different?

Whose scholarly work does your character cherish above all others?

Adventure Question:

What did you all learn through your studies that caused you to set the quill aside and go out into the world?


What was the name of the ship that wrecked in this strange land?

What did you adore/hate about the captain who was lost at sea during the storm that wrecked your ship and landed you all here?

Adventure Question:

What was the ship carrying? What is it dangerous and why must you hide it before anyone nearby finds out what it is?

NOTE: Rob did most of the work on this one in his tweet above but I’ll include stuff here anyway.


What inspired each of you to serve under this army’s banner?

Describe the banner together.

Who among you knows that your commanding officer is now a vampire?

Adventure Question:

During the war you all hid something. Now that the war is over you have returned to find it. Why did you hide it? What is the name of the dangerous, fell place where you hid it?


What is the name of the city that made you all orphans and drove you together?

What did you all find together that led you to become adventurers and leave the city?

Adventure Question:

Who is the monster you’ve all agreed to return to the city and destroy now that you are all trained adventurers?

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