Further D&D-but-Pirates Daydreaming

I’m listening the audiobook of Mid-shipman Hornblower and I’ve got a D&D but Pirates pinterest board, so I guess this is getting pretty serious (from when it started way back a few weeks ago). 😛

I was looking over the nautical rules in Ghosts of Saltmarsh and have vague ideas that ships have full stats, including Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma based on their class and history. Ship classes are monster names. Big, dramatic dragon-class ships, sleek, fast griffon-class ships, slow, well armored dragon-turtle-class ships…etc. Maybe you can level ships up?

Dungeons and Dragons with a gold pirate skull and a nautical map thingie…

My dad is visiting and I had this idea about getting friends together and running a game with him. Give them some choices:

Blockade Runners getting goods past a line of ships in the midst of a vicious war.

Privateers with a Letter of Marque from a liege.

Straight-up Pirates, looking to grow their fleet or support their secret port.

Zealot Pirates worshipping some kind of sea deity that we’d make up together.

I’m thinking Ship sheets inspired by Blades in the Dark‘s crew sheets or maybe choose the type of piratical fun based on the type of ship…ala Scum and Villainy each with its own starting Situation.

Captain, First Mate, Bosun, Carpenter, Press Ganged as Backgrounds, perhaps. But I like the idea of pirates who were once Folk Heroes, Scholars, Acolytes or Marines…nah, no new backgrounds.

The Skull and Shackle Adventure Path is ripe for pillaging, says I.

The nautical daydreaming shall continue. I’m seeing a homebrew world of islands and storm saints. The sea is calling to me…

If you be daydreaming about pirates, check out this design for your t-shirt, button, mask, notebook or shower curtain…


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