Cozy, Melancholy and Inspiring

While moving, our mail was on hold; I was delighted to find that Wanderhome had arrived. Janaki and I are looking over the playbooks and just savoring the amazing design. The game is cozy, melancholy and inspiring.

Wanderhome, fresh out of the box at the post office.

Here’s an amazing interview on Slice and Dice with Jay Dragon, Wanderhome’s designer and co-founder of Possum Creek Games.

Check out this tweet thread about Wanderhome by @Pandatheist if you’d like to know more:

My creepy subject divider skeleton to lead into links to a game about ghosts…

The Possum Creek Games crew is about to kickstart Our Haunt by Jammi the Sword Queen.

Grab yourself some October Hugs, in goth and autumnal colors only.

All artist’s proceeds to the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network.

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