Curse of Strahd, Session XII, Blood and Philosophy in the Abbey of St. Markovia

Curse of Strahd

In which Tatyanna and Serge exit via faith and love while the Sigil Six decide on their own bloody exit plans.

Session XII: Blood and Philosophy in the Abbey of St. Markovia
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Who are Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Failed Soldier?

  • Last week, while the Sigil Six spoke with the angel known as The Prophet the B-Team watched the holy knight, Lady Baleron, leave Ravenloft with the ghost of her lover, Serge, through a pool at a holy shrine. Strahd knows this and is irate.

  • 3 Vampire Spawn and 3 Witches drew the team out of the abbey. The team defeated them with arcane fire, steel, cunning and holy sunlight. When the last vampire surrendered and admitted that there would be more teams, Jusko beheaded him and everyone ran to find the B-Team (they were eating soup at the Abbey).

    There were some close calls. Trundle probably saved Kuru’s life with his shield and Failed Soldier nearly fell (1HP left…).

  • The Franken-lady the angel has made to betroth Strahd and end this conflict through love, approached Bugwump after seeing him throwing arcane fire during the battle. This led to one of those amazing D&D moments, where a Frog-kin Wizard tried to explain how biological folk are made.

    The Franken-lady (she needs to name herself) is trying to figure out where to go next, what she owes the angel who created her.

  • Kuru talked to the angel while it made a new body for Failed Soldier. The Angel explained that they didn’t think Strahd was so far gone that love couldn’t save him. Kuru wasn’t turned around but he came away with more respect for the Morning Lord than he had.

    Jusko trained the villagers so that they could defend themselves.

  • Next week we begin our final approach upon Castle Ravenloft…

    We are picturing it like the helicopter approach in the beginning of Predator.

    *Long Tally Sally plays*
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