Daydreaming about the Northern Death Pantheon

Seemed like a cool skull image to start this thing with.
Northern Death Pantheon
Death Gods and Necromantic Witch-Queens in the Frozen North using Godbound / Friday / 1/14 / 6:30pm PST 9:30pm EST

Campaign Pitch

Godbound (Free Edition/Deluxe Edition) is a D&Dish game about demi-gods changing a broken world. I’d like us to riff off of the Witch-Queens feuding in a Gothic-Viking icy north blurb from the book’s Ulstang Skerries. I imagine the game beginning with a young Witch-Queen praying to her family’s cold shrines as her rivals close in (maybe literally, maybe armies are en-route…I don’t know). You, her family’s ancient and cold death gods, are who come to her aid.

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These might be questions we answer during chargen, go on adventures to find the answer or decide that there isn’t just one answer…

What are the islands? 

Dead rival gods, dead monsters slain in the primordial past, the bodies of the victorious dead who founded these lands…

Why did you fall asleep?

Trickery, it was time to give the mortals time to build on their own, it was foretold, too much energy was spent fighting against an ancient and hazy threat

Do new Witch-Queens need your pantheon’s blessing to be legit? Do other islands have their own pantheons? Are those reflections or heretical reflections of you or entirely different pantheons all together?

What is the state of the Ulfstang Skerries right now? Are the thrones feuding? Vacant? Ignored? Stagnant?

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This picture by the amazing concept artist, Winona Neslon is how I picture the young Witch-Queen whose prayers will wake you up as we start play.

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Character Concepts

[Possible Words of Creation – choose 3 to start] These are meant to stir up ideas and not limit them. These are not the only characters on the table and I’m sure you all have better ideas. If you need some ideas, here they are. If these don’t do anything for you, I can’t wait to hear your amazing ideas.

The First Witch-Queen, The All-Mother, Lady Ulstang [Command, Death, Deception, Knowledge, Night, Sorcery, Winter]

Patron Saint of Witch-Queen’s Consorts [Passion, Deception, Fertility, Knowledge, Dance, Desire, Music, Protection]

Kidnapped Saint from Mainland Pantheon, adopted by Northern Death Pantheon (please be careful) [???]

The Wolf-Mother, the Red Matron, the Raiding-Witch, the Sword-Aunty [Bow, Command, Death, Endurance, Fire, Might, Night, Sea, Sword, War]

The Shipwright [Seas, Journeys, Artifice]

The Castellan of All Tombs [Earth, Death, Knowledge, Fire, Protection, Underworld]

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Factions and other odd thoughts

The Coven – a trio of powerful Witch-Queens who have manufactured their own gods in your absence

Mainland – Witch-Queen(s) who have looked to the mainland for power, worshipping their deities and levvies of troops to support their reign(s)

Order of the Drowned Asshole– religious order dedicated to a deity you all drowned in the sea centuries ago because they were being a shit

13 total living Witch-Queen thrones (but more than 13 islands that make up the skerries)

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Tropes to Avoid

Women never get along because B-words be crazy

What else?

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Blank map that we’ll add stuff to…

Map of Ulstang Skerries
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Leveling Up

How about questions like Blades in the Dark and when we get enough XP, the pantheon levels up all together. The XP needed is the number of the next level, if you gain more XP than needed, it disappears.

Did you defeat an enemy with cunning or turn an enemy into an allie with empathy?

Did you explore a new area on the map, add a new detail to the map or venture off the map all together?

Did you add new details about your pantheon’s religion?

If you’d like to watch us figure all this out in play, please join us in chat this Friday at the Actual Play twitch-stream.

Excited to game with Luke, Rae, Sean and Jay.

And if you’d just like to rock out with what character you’d play in this campaign, please comment below.

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Forgot that I pitched this to Sean a few months ago (should be forwarded to the Godbound part of the video below):

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Here’s the first session, chargen and all:

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Skull image at the top is from the British Library Flickr

Image from Sword Subject Divider from the Cleveland Museum of Art

Title Image is from the NYPL Digital Collection

Font on the title and map is Nightmare Gothic

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