Curse of Strahd Awards

Curse of Strahd Awards

To hand out to players once the adventure is finished.

Slayer of Strahd

The most obvious and sometimes most coveted award goes to the player who struck the final blow that destroyed Count Strahd, the First Vampire, Lord of Ravenloft.

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Seducer of Strahd Award×1/delapouite/resting-vampire.html#download

Did you seduce Strahd? For a moment did he forget about Illyanna? If so, here’s the award for you.

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A Domain of Your Own

If no characters became the Lord of Ravenloft at the end of the adventure, this award can be handed out to whoever the group votes as Most Likely to Become a Darklord.

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The Frog Brothers Award×1/lorc/frog.html

This is for sharing lore about monsters that might or might not be true with one’s friends while hunting said monsters. The more ludicrous the lore, the better.

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The Heart-Breaker is for the character who strikes the final blow struck against the Heart of Sorrows, Strahd’s most coveted artifact, and destroys it in a rain of crystal and blood.

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Friendship is Sorcery

The Friendship is Sorcery Award goes to the character who made the most unlikely friendship with the oddest being in Ravenloft. Could be a soulless husk of a villager, a witch who cooks children or an angel driven mad by the Domain of Dread’s fell influence.

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Even Death May Die

Even Death May Die goes to the character who died the most tragic death, even if they were ripped from the churning of souls to fight again. In the event of a deathless campaign, the group can vote to give this award to the character who came the closest to dying or whose shenanigans made everyone think that they were surely not long for the land of the living.

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The Buffy Summers Award×1/delapouite/heart-stake.html

The Buffy Summers Award goes to any character who both slayed a vampire and also had romantic relations with a vampire.

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The Slaughtered Lamb Award×1/lorc/werewolf.html

The Slaughtered Lamb Award goes to the character who leaves Ravenloft as a lycanthrope.

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The Michael of Santa Clara Award×1/delapouite/neck-bite.html

The Michael of Santa Clara Award goes to character or characters who leave Ravenloft as a vampire, a child of the night (sweet music optional).

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The Pvt. William L. Hudson Medal

The Private William Hudson Medal goes to the character who showed the most fear concerning Ravenloft’s threats and did so in such a way that their dread was passed to their comrades and so the Curse of Strahd was that much more horrific.

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An award should go to any character who earnestly engages in D&D’s grappling rules but this award goes to those who grapple with vampires. Winning its sibling award is a particular honor.

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The Von Zarovich Award×1/delapouite/family-tree.html#download

This award goes to the character who was related to Strahd, be it a sibling or a distant cousin or even a descendant.

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Break the Black Gates

This award goes to any character who dies in Ravenloft and comes back to life, or at least back to sapience. Can anyone who dies in such a place return without a mark upon their souls? What would such a mark look like and what effect would it have on this delver’s dark fate?

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Angel Award

This award can go to more than one character, any who change the angel stranded in Ravenloft through cunning, sorcery or steel.

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If there is another Award or Medal you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll do my best to add it to the list.

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