Bits and Bobs for Mothership

As I’ve started Mothering a game of Mothership and preparing to run another, I’ve made little things here and there. Here are a few.

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I’m going to start up a game with my dad soon and wanted to offer a few situations for him to choose from. I made these a few days ago but something keeps coming up and so I don’t go over it with him. Hopefully, later today…

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The most intense scene from last week’s game was about the android’s distillery. I had this logo and decided to make it the label on the android’s whiskey.

And while I’m effing around, might as well make a shoulder patch image for the ship, the CSB Humboldt.

CSB Humboldt shoulder patch / Hull Designation, CSB (Corporate Science Boat) / Double Quartz Harddrive Network / Manufactured by the Raven Nebula Shipyards
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Major spoilers here; don’t listen if you ever intend to play the game.

Jim was kind enough to record himself as an NPC recording Magnetic Tapes in What We Give to Alien Gods. The first one I wrote for our game in particular. The other 4 are from the book.

These designs and more in my Threadless shop – t-shirts of all kinds, mugs, stickers and even shower curtains…

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