Support Independent Role-Playing Games on Creator Day Creator Day isn’t taking any portion of sales from its creators today.

There are lots of people doing lots of amazing work to support independent role-playing games. If you aren’t sure what to do to support a role-playing game creator, here’s an option. Buy a game. Play that game. Talk earnestly and passionately about what playing that game was like in public.

I’ve got lists below if you need to narrow it down.

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Solo Journaling. Buy a strange solo game. Write something that you otherwise wouldn’t have and share it with your friends because they need more strange shit in their social media feeds.

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Forged in the Dark. Want to see some Position and Effect outside of Doskvol or some other points of view on the haunted city on the North Hook?

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I’ve got a few Trophy lists. Even if you don’t like Trophy, the way it organizes its adventures makes it very easy to run an adventure, filled with bullet-points of cool shit to say during awkward lulls. I wish more published adventures were this useful.

Trophy Dark
Trophy Gold
Rooted in Trophy

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Mothership is a scifi horror game that has a vibrant indie community creating cool zines, trifold adventures that you can print at home, fitting on 8.5 x 11 and more.

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RPG’s, my category or games that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. Buy one, play it, talk about it in public.

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Powered by the Apocalypse. Games inspired by the amazing work of the Baker family. Play to find out.

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Science Fiction TTRPG’s. Pew pew pew!

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Paragon, games built on the Agon chassis.

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D&Dish. Games inspired by Dungeons Ampersand Dragons, supplements that support your Dungeoning and your Dragoning. Check ’em out.

Do you have an game that fits on one of these lists? Let me know and I’ll throw it on. Do you have a list you’d like to share? Feel free to drop it in the comments.

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