Mothership: Quick and Easy Sci-fi Soldier Creation Tables

Howdy, Mothershippers! I’m Mother Eff, your astronaut ghost guide/mascot coming at you from a cave in an unnamed asteroid in the ugliest nebula in the galaxy.

Thing is, Judd wrote this post before. Yeah, it was for Stars Without Number (FREE VERSION) and SWN is chock-full-o solid tools that work for any trad scifi RPG.

In case your Mothership team has to hire a soldier or you’ve got an NPC and need to flesh ’em out fast. Here’s an updated table using for 1d10 and 1d10 and a if you need one more detail – a d20 to come up with a soldier NPC.

What kind of conflict? and What kind of unit?

What is a post-human rebellion? What the heck does an asteroid siege look like? That is for you and your friends to decide. What is a Void Ranger? They’re effing cool is what they are.

Need one more little detail? One more thing? Don’t feel like rolling d100 and picking up a patch for your NPC Soldier? Okay. Here’s a d20 table with some added little details if you need that one more odd thing.

If you use Temporal Scarring at your table, please let us know what it means so that we can help the suffering spacers afflicted with it.

d20 One More Detail for your NPC Soldier

HEY! Someone at your table might be dealing with having returned from war or have loved ones who have. As always, talk to your friends at the table and make sure you make-believe bullshit isn’t forcing a friend to relive trauma.

Check in on your buddies.

Blank D20 or 2d10

Want to make your own table? Below is a PNG and PDF of the above tables but blank.

If any of this stuff is helpful, please drop a comment or an email and let us know how it shook out for you.

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Judd woke up the morning after publishing this post and had blogger’s remorse. No, not the usual kind, where he screams into the void, “Oh my stars! What am I doing with my life! No one reads blogs!” No, he realized he didn’t have a pdf with all of this together in one place, including the blank table on page 4.

And with a cover!

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Mother Eff signing out!

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