All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought, Session 5, Recruiting Villagers, Scouting Ahead and Evading a Dragon

All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought / Session 5: Recruiting Villagers, Scouting Ahead and Evading a Dragon

In which the Sigil Six recruit the villagers, scout ahead and meet a dragon in the skies.

Who are the Sigil 6 – Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Failed Soldier?

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  • Everyone had a thing to do while the village prepared to leave. Hellewynn was gathering elders to offer them lycanthropy. Bugwump was gathering those who were interested in changing reality with their mind and will to teach them the Firebolt cantrip. Failed Soldier gathered those who could mend broken bones. Trundle scouted the road ahead. Kuru and Jusko had a roadtrip back to the Dread Bridge to see if they could recruit any Dire Corvid riders.

  • Failed Soldier cast a spell to see what the local gods thought – did they need to hunt down the Three Who Are One or would the undead abomination leave the villagers alone as they made their exodus? A raven-winged angel appeared on a worn gravestone and told Failed Soldier that the Three Who Are One would certainly attack…

    The 3 Who Are 1, Skull Lord
  • Helleywnn is blunt and her offer to the older folk of the village was as matter of fact as an offer, suggesting that without the Moon’s gift of lycanthropy they would be obvious targets. She changed into her werewolf form, bones and sinew grinding, the Moon Elf Barbarian didn’t scream due to her discipline.

    Of the 200 who came to hear her offer, 170 told her that they would mark their doors with a moon sigil so she knew to enter and bite them.

  • Trundle jumped on a pterodactyl and looked at the road ahead. In the forests there were griffons hunting a herd of unicorns. A ghostly village was along the road, having been decimated by some Shadowfell threat. Somewhere in the distance was some kind of portal to another world, spilling light over the horizon and a lake had some houses nearby.

    Also, the zombie mob they evaded in a previous session had been moved through this route; someone was moving it and hiding it.

    The hexes Trundle scouted out on the back of a pterodactyl…
  • After decimating the unfinished cathedral with a spell that summoned up a little arcane black hole, Bugwump told the crowd who came to see his offer that few if any of them would ever be wizards but some could learn a cantrip that might help the village survive if they had the will to change the world. Bugwump’s magic was always very amphibian/biological, so we decided that the cantrip would cause one of the Fire Bolt Brigade’s bones to glow like a coal in a fire.

  • Failed Soldier gathered folk and offered to teach them to bandage wounds. After Helewynne’s offer of lycanthropy and Bugwump’s offer to teach a mighty fire cantrip, the villagers were hoping for some kind of oath to a Death God. Failed Soldier’s player said something interesting about how of all of the people who answered their call, one or two might have the call to be a cleric. Interesting!

    I asked them to roll and they saw a flock of ravens who were, in fact angels, whispering about a little girl. Failed Soldier approached Mavetta, a little girl who had some Shadar Kai blood somewhere in her ancestry. Her auntie didn’t like people talking about her links to the Raven Queen. This is a cool seed planted for later.

  • Kuru and Jusko headed back to the Dread Bridge, a Shadar Kai stronghold that guards the Shadowfell from the monsters in the Demi-Plane of Dread. They were hoping to recruit some War Corvid riders to help the exodus.

    A failed Survival roll led them to being hunted by a Green Shadow Dragon (not yet named but I’ve got a name in mind). Kuru covered a cave they were hiding in with a simple spell but failed his fear save. There was a close call but they made it to the Dread Bridge due to Jusko’s amazing riding and Kuru’s invisibility wand. They evaded the dragon and learned about one another in the process.

DM’s Notes: For some reason I was initially hesitant to have dice hit the table concerning the recruitment efforts but I did and I’m glad. Failed Soldier’s player suggested that the information the dice would offer would be interesting and useful and those rolls really were.

The group was spirited and maybe a bit randy tonight. Despite the cold, spring is in the air and that spring air brought lots of goofy sex jokes.

Next Game: We’ll start off with the Sigil Six hunting down the Skull Lord known as The 3 Who Are 1.

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