Conan, Context, Cool Shit & Consequences

A gaming buddy who I know through the Indie Games Reading Club took Context, Cool Shit & Consequences out for a spin.

I used Judd‘s session prep sheet for the next session of our Conan 2d20 campaign, and I liked it a lot! It definitely shook a bunch of things out for me, drew my attention to some undeveloped areas, and helped stoke my enthusiasm for the game (the Cool Shit section is good for that).

The prompts for the consequences section worked a bit less well than the ones for the other sections for me, but that’s probably just me and I’m not sure what would fit my brain better.

I’ll need to do some more final prep based on this, but I think this is a really great tool for breaking down what you want do to in the next session, and pulling things together.

Chris Gardiner
Spears Subject Divider Image

“Undersea abysses, deeper than the blackest hell.”

Cool Shit, indeed! Blanks are in the link in the first line but just in case, here is a blank image and a pdf.

Blog of Judd Karlman from Daydreaming about Dragons

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