The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin (and more)

Want to get excited about a game on a Monday morning?

Usually, when I’m hearing about a fictional setting, be it a tabletop game, video-game, novel or talkie, when proper nouns and titles come up my eyes kind of glaze over. Not so with Rae’s stuff.

From a picklist in The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin:

Who are the heralds of the apocalypse?
Cursed Archivists, wielding corrupted wisdom

The Kraken’s Beloved, chaos mages fueled by despair

Humans, newly awakened to stolen powers

Dragons sleeping in souls touched by tragedy, dreaming new forms

I don’t know what ANY of that means. I only know I want to get together with my friends and figure it out. Watch (or listen in the background as you do blog work, as I did) as amazing gamers agonize over too many cool options but have to choose one:

While you’re watching you can go pre-order The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin here.

Dagger Subject Divider

Everyone else in that video has exciting links brewing too.

Misha and her crew at New Agenda Publishing has Orun all cooked and ready to roll. Grab it at Third Eye Games.

Sean is excited about Improv for Gamers 2nd Edition. Still in trial over on Gamefound, a new crowdfunding direction for Evil Hat.

Connie‘s got a Godkiller, a 2 player game about killing a god that has its own twitter account. New details should be dropping on that today, I believe.

What are you excited about?

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Blog of Judd Karlman from Daydreaming about Dragons

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