Sometimes the rockets launch and sometimes they don’t.

In which the game ends before the adventure is finished…?


We all like Mothership, each other’s contributions and were digging the adventure but due to personal issues all around, we had nearly a month between games. This adventure is intense; it is a thinker or as Judd called it, “a cerebral xeno-temple crawl.”

Scifi Starskull Subject Divider

It was just too long between games. Momentum was lost; it happens the best of us and yet no one seems to blog about it. Well, here we are. The three gamers had a candid discussion and agreed to walk away.

We’ll be back to Mothership before too long and you’ll see ME, Mother Eff, your favorite ghost-astronaut mascot to walk you through it.

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Mother Eff, Ghost Astronaut

Blog of Judd Karlman from Daydreaming about Dragons

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