This Week’s Pay Games

For as long as I’m giving this pay-to-play thing a go, I’ll be posting what I’m running in the coming week Sunday night/Monday morning. These will be clearly labelled, so if this kind of thing vexes you, it is easily ignorable.

Old School Map style circles subject divider

For my first two pay-to-play games I chose two games right in my wheelhouse and also not too far from what folks are used to on the site but also a little different from other games being offered. Links to the games are below the pics.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 4PM EST Cancelled.

You are an ambulance crew in the crumbling cyberpunk slow apocalypse, toiling in the shadows of chrome towers and orbital palaces where the rich live out their lives in lavish luxury while the world slowly ends. We will be using Apocalypse World to play a cyberpunk game about an ambulance crew doing its best to save folks in an uncaring world. Can your team make the world a better place one call at a time?

Old School Map style circles subject divider

Wednesday, May 4th, 4PM EST & Sunday May 8th, 8AM EST

From the bordertown of Fort Durhin the treasure-hunters will enter the fell and demon-haunted forest and see what fortune they can dig up from the remnants of the long dead Kalduhri Empire. This game will be using the fantasy-horror RPG, Trophy Gold, an indie RPG that is light and quick to learn but with surprising mechanical depth.

Old School Map style circles subject divider

If pay-to-play appeals to you, feel free to click on the links and join me.

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