Gloomwrought: City of Midnight, Session 1, Locate Object

Gloomwrought: City of Midnight

Session 1: Locate Object
Gloomwrought: City of Midnight / Session 1 / Locate Object

In which the Sigil 6 track down Strahd’s second-in-command, who got away from them in Barovia; she is now a crimelord in Gloomwrought.

Who are the Sigil 6 – Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Failed Soldier and what have they been up to?

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I don’t try to make every little thing in every adventure linked to the players’ pasts but when I read that there was a powerful merchant family in Gloomwrought called the Harskel family and a player’s powerful family is named Hajek, it felt like fate. I re-named the Harskel family – Hajek. As they walked around town, Jusko saw a group of Shadar-Kai mercs with his family’s sigil on their cloaks and there was a big job notice on the missives that adorn the walls of the dockside bar – Cracked Keel.

They bought a drug called Sunlight from a Shadar Kai kid and watched as a vampire picked up the weekly silver. They brought some drug called Sunlight and did Locate Object on the silver piece. They tracked the vampire to a brother called the Red Door (also in the book) and the madame of the house did her damned best to get them out of her place once they subtly let her know what and how they were after. Jusko gave the dagger Lord Soth gave to him and said that he was here on his Lord’s behalf.

They made some moves to seem like Kuru was a merchant and the party was his bodyguards and hangers on.

Had an interesting use of Locate Object, looking for a note to the vampire gang they were looking for. I liked it. They found a note from the local Vecna Cult (called the House of the Eye) who wanted a sit-down with the up-and-coming vampire gang.

I needed a name for the gang and Jusko’s player, who played his share of vampire LARP’s in his college days (as many of us did) suggested I just call them the Camarilla – I went with Barovian Sabbat.

Locate Object again on the knife and they followed the vampire to an underground vault under an abandoned shop. Climbed down a dry well and we’ll start there next week.

DM’s Notes: Should I have just used the old book from Strahd’s library about Gloomwrought and given them the info they were looking for tonight? Maybe.

Gloomwrought: City of Midnight
Factions, Powers & Merchants
Observants & Reports from Servants
on a pretty old book

Next Game: Fight! Fight! Fight!
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